Loomans & Matz AG, eine Tochtergesellschaft der KPMG


The Loomans & Matz AG is a management consulting company established in 2005 by Dr. Loomans and has its headquarters in Mainz, Germany. The company is managed by the owners Prof. Dr. Dirk Loomans and RA Manuela Matz.


We realized early on that companies can only be successful if they have an information infrastructure that supports and promotes the achievement of their strategic objectives. This is only possible through a combination of executive functions and the supporting operation of information infrastructure.

Our philosophy in all areas of security, data privacy and business continuity follows the principle of "everyone can provide security and protection". Therefore, we integrate a high level of security in all areas of the organization and not just on a technical level.

We assist you in the implementation of management standards such as ISO / IEC 27001 or " ISO 27001 based on BSI IT Protection ", BS25999 or legally compliant design of the data protection management. We focus on all important organizational requirements, such as the design of effective security processes, and defining risk-based requirements in e.g. IT and the training of our customers´  employees in all security areas . Our consulting portfolio is rounded off by revisions, audits and a comprehensive seminar program that we carry out with conference partners.


Professional management of upcoming challenges of our clients comes naturally to us. With the benefits of project management methods,  we are always fully informed and can guide your project to the desired destination.


We are happy to take on this task for you.

Loomans & Matz prefers working with the project management method PRINCE2.

In the area of data protection, we assume the responsiblities of an external data protection officer for our clients.

We share our experience through numerous publications on these subjects, and by the writing of data protection management standards in cooperation with the State Commissioner for Data Protection in Rhineland-Palatinate.


"We are passionate about the management and protection of our clients´ information."

Prof. Dr. Dirk Loomans