Comprehensive system and process consulting


Our offered Solutions are based on international standards, to achieve the implementation of IT service management with processes and organizational structure.


The competitiveness of a company depends on how quickly and resource-efficiently it can change IT systems and processes. This is not only a requirement for the survival of a company, it also provides a huge competitive advantage, ensuring the timely availability of the information required by those making major decisions.


All modern IT must face this challenge today.


For the purposes of " Ubiquitous Information Management " , we help you build an appropriate operating information infrastructure.

As a management consulting firm with a focus on technological informations we operate the interface between process-oriented organizational units and IT in the Enterprises.

Therefore, we can support in implementing your design specification, a description of the implementation of business processes.

Based on your business objectives, we provide a top-down definition of IT objectives and IT Architecture. Depending on the defintion of the focus of the client, we use the following standards:


 ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)

 COBIT (Control Objective for Information and Related Technology).