Industry 4.0


Identification of Threats – Security Checkup 4.0


Industry 4.0 brings ICS systems and traditional IT infrastructure closer and closer together. Loomans & Matz´s ICS Security Checkup 4.0 supports manufacturing companies and infrastructure operators, especially those in the supply and disposal sector, by identifying their potential threats. There are 3 ICS priorities in our standard service package – availability, integrity and confidentiality – which will be tested for functionality and efficiency. Following this, threats will be selected and classified into risk classes, ensuring that effort invested in security measures and countermeasures is proportionate. This is possible because we ensure that the measures we take are accurate, efficient and cost-effective. Optionally, we can also calculate the return on investment, assisting the decision-making as to which measures to take.



Visualisation of threats – ICS-Radar 4.0


As a customizable tool, ICS-Radar 4.0 completes and supports the Loomans & Matz service in the form of a transparent presentation of threats and the level of security of the organization. Such management-oriented preparation and presentation makes it possible for the management to make decisions that minimize risk. In addition, the security measures and countermeasures can be adjusted (depending on whether the current successful state is sustainable, or readjustments of specific measures are needed). The ICS Security Radar is set up like a cockpit tachometer with an indicator that moves left to right from green, to yellow, and to red. This radar shows the relationship between the current threat situation and the current security level. An automatic assessment of effort and success is therefore included as an active value-added benefit.


ICS/SCADA Security – Industrial control system and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Security

For information, please click here: ICS Security Checkup 4.0.


Night Dragon, Stuxnet, Duqu & Co. are simply synonyms for all the unknown threats, which cyberspace still holds. The numerous threats from outside can be mitigated by a careful examination of ICS SCADA- & ICS DCS risks and a structured analysis of the entire ICS infrastructure (including all interfaces with traditional IT), coupled with a clear and easy comprehensible presentation of threats.


ICS security Checkup 4.0 minimizes the risk of financial or other potentially irreparable damages to the Company that could occur should these threats become a reality

The ICS radar´s visualized presentation plays an important role in the controlling function because the complexity of the ICS environment is so high. Furthermore, a system-wide approach involving all interfaces is essential for tracking hidden dangers, which automatically result from increased networking.


Investments in IT and IT security measures must be target-oriented to be fully effective.

The ICS Security Checkup achieves this, while identifying the best targets for investment.

The ICS radar fulfils the task of performance review. The optional ROI calculation for each target, along with the sum of total measures, provides a decision base to calculate the cost-benefit ratio.

The consultant teams at Loomans & Matz provides the benefits associated with years of national and international experience, making the new value-added product of Loomans & Matz an all-inclusive, compromise-free product.